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Sebastian Farr, M.D.

Elective doctor

What is an elective doctor?

An elective doctor or private doctor is a doctor in private practice who does not have a contractual relationship with the patient’s health insurance fund. The great advantage of an elective doctor is the time available for the patient. An elective doctor has considerably more time for the medical consultation, examination and treatment or advice. Other advantages include shorter appointment times and virtually no waiting time in the surgery.

  • The free choice of doctor allows you to choose the doctor you trust
  • An elective doctor has enough time for the important discussion between patient and doctor
  • An elective doctor has sufficient time for the examination and consultation
  • An elective doctor can offer appointments at short notice more easily
  • The waiting times in the practice are rather short

How much does a consultation with an elective doctor cost?

An elective doctor is free to set his or her own fee. After the consultation or treatment, the elective doctor will issue a private fee note. The fee is settled directly between the doctor and the patient.

The fee note can then be submitted by the patient to their own health insurance company. In principle, the patient is entitled to a refund of 80% of the amount that a doctor with a health insurance contract would receive for the same service. However, the exact amount depends on the respective health insurance company and can vary depending on the federal state. For any services that are not included in the tariff catalog of the respective health insurance company, no costs will be reimbursed by the insurance companies. For patients who have private supplementary health insurance, the elective doctor’s fee is usually covered in full.

An initial appointment in my practice costs 150 euros, subsequent check-ups 80-130 euros depending on the duration.