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Sebastian Farr, M.D.


Orthopedic care in my private practice includes careful diagnostics based on a comprehensive dialogue about medical history, physical examination and reviewing of – for example – necessary radiographic imaging or lab records. After a diagnosis has been established, I am happy to offer my patients the following services:

  • Pain therapy
  • Local infiltration therapy
  • Image converter-targeted infiltration therapy (inpatient admission required)
  • Pain therapy, physical treatment week (inpatient admission required)
  • Osteoarthritis prevention and joint cartilage protection
  • Infusion treatment for bone marrow edema or idiopathic bone necrosis (inpatient admission required)
  • Extracorporeal shock wave treatment for conditions such as calcific shoulder, heel spur, tennis or golfer’s elbow, Achilles tendon complaints or delayed bone healing (inpatient admission required)
  • Prescription of medical aids and appliances (e.g. bandages, positioning splints, orthopaedic shoes, orthopaedic prostheses)
  • Gait analysis, pedobarography and running advice (at Speising Orthopaedic Hospital)
  • Arthroscopy (knee, elbow and wrist)
  • Hand surgery (including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, thumb osteoarthritis, polyarthrosis, wrist pathologies, acquired deformities)
  • Corrective osteotomies for malalignment of the lower extremity
  • Axial misalignments (e.g. bow leg/X-leg correction through guided growth or osteotomy)
  • Congenital foot malformations
  • Arthroscopy (knee, elbow and wrist)
  • Leg length difference
  • Inward/outward walking
  • Benign bone tumors
  • Hand surgery (congenital and acquired deformities of the hand and upper extremity; birth trauma plexus lesions)
  • Hip surgery (including epiphysiolysis capitis femoris)
  • Arthritic flatfoot (“arthrorisis operation”)
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Nerve and microsurgery
  • Patella dislocation
  • Torticollis